Around the House 5.0 – Twisty Ties

You know you have some extra twisty ties lying around the house somewhere, this week I decided to put these twisty ties to good use! I began by experimenting with twisting the twisty ties (there’s at tongue twister for ya!), but I could not find a configuration that I liked. I began to think about the organic shape of the twisty tie…a line. Argyle is a pattern built from a series of crossing lines, and a perfect pattern for this project.

My mom actually brought these green twisty ties home for me; she ‘found’ them at the grocery store while shopping for her produce. I lined up my base paper onto a quilting cutting mat so that I could place the lines more precisely; the twisty ties are spaced an inch and half apart, spanning an inch and half from side to side. I used hot glue to attach the ties to the base paper. After I had attached the twisty ties, and trimmed the edges, I marked with a pencil lines for the machine stitching.

I used a long stitch setting on my sewing machine and made sure to move the machine over the twisty ties so that I did not break my needle on the inner wire of the tie. The ‘Happy Birthday’ stamp comes from a Inkadinkado clear stamp set and the hemp bow is the final touch. This is just another example of something lying around the house turned into a great card! Thanks for reading, and please feel free to leave comments!

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