Around the House 3.0 – Safety Pins

If your household is anything like mine, you can never find a safety pin when you need one! You end up running out and buying a pack of fifty only to get home and find the stash of safety pins that you already had! This process is repeated over and and over again until you have this tremendous supply of safety pins. This week’s Around the House blog features these excess safety pins.

I have not dabbled too much into baby cards, or even cards for children. This series installment was a perfect opportunity to do so. The awesome part, is that the using the safety pins on the card was super easy! Here a tip for you: most people iron fabric before they use it in projects, I like to iron my ribbon; especially if the ribbon is folded in the project. I cut three ribbons the same length and ironed them to have the same shape. I simply inserted the safety pin and connected it to the ribbon. That’s it! A little hot glue on the other side and you have a great accent for your card. The possibilities are virtually endless, think cards for: babies, seamstress’, crafters, or anyone else!

Thanks for reading! What cards come to mind to use safety pins for? Share your thoughts in a comment!

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