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Around the House 5.0 – Twisty Ties

You know you have some extra twisty ties lying around the house somewhere, this week I decided to put these twisty ties to good use! I began by experimenting with twisting the twisty ties (there’s at tongue twister for ya!), but I could not find a configuration that I liked. I began to think about […]

BeaInspired – Coffee Cup

I love being inspired by things I see on the street. Today, it was actually one of our fans who found something inspiring on the street! Donya Deuel visited San Francisco over Valentine’s day with her hubby David. While there, they stopped into Starbucks for a little pick me up. Their coffee came in the […]

BeaLocal – Bagel Creations

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is visit the Chico Thursday night Farmer’s market. Not only is it a great source for tasty produce, gorgeous flowers, and tons of socialization; it is also a great place to get exposed to local creative spirits. While perusing the craft ‘aisle’ I ran into […]

Music Monday – 4.0 John Mayer

Ever since John Mayer showed up on the scene, I’ve been a big fan of his music. Not only have I rocked out in my bedroom to his different albums, but I was fortunate enough to watch him in concert about two years ago. He’s a little crazy at times, and gives some pretty wild […]

Going Digital!

I have been reading on a lot of blogs lately about the use of digital proponents in their projects. To this point, aside from my Cricut, I have remained pretty old school with my cards. Recently I purchased the Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL) software that links my Mac to my Cricut. I am now […]

Around the House 4.0 – Fabric

Everyone has extra fabric lying around, and don’t just assume that you don’t! Think about that old T-shirt or a handkerchief you have collecting dust in your drawer. This week I chose to use a piece of fabric leftover from a former project as the key element in my Around the House project. I chose […]

BeaInspired – Olympic Uniforms

Check out these awesome snowboarding uniforms designed by Burton for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. What an inspired idea…take a piece of the wardrobe traditionally worn by these athletes in their everyday lives, denim jeans, and make it work for their sport. Two elements that will inspire my card making: pulling from everyday life and making […]

BeaLocal – Photos by Donya

In this week’s BeaLocal blog I have the pleasure of introducing another family member and their wonderful talent! My sister is Donya of ‘Photos by Donya.’ Donya is a fantastically talented photographer who is making her mark on the photography scene of Chico, CA. Whether it be Senior Portraits, Family Portraits, Engagement Photos, or Wedding […]

Music Monday 3.0 – Carrie Underwood

I recently heard Carrie Underwood’s new single “Temporary Home” on the radio. I was struck by the premise of the song when you really listen to the lyrics. The idea that this world is a temporary holding space for us, and that greater things exist. The final verse of the song portrays an older man […]

Around the House 3.0 – Safety Pins

If your household is anything like mine, you can never find a safety pin when you need one! You end up running out and buying a pack of fifty only to get home and find the stash of safety pins that you already had! This process is repeated over and and over again until you […]

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