Clear space…creative mind.

I’ll just go ahead and say it…I’m a neat freak. I always have been.  My studio is no exception, however, the task of keeping it neat is quite the challenge.  The problem is not that I can’t find a tool or that I don’t have enough space when my work table is messy.  The problem is that when my area is a mess, I have a creative block.

I will literally walk by my studio for days on end, glancing in to see a mess on my work table, and then just closing the door and moving on.  Not until I commit to cleaning my space will the creative juice begin to flow again.  The better solution for me is to find solutions to keep the space clean as I work.  Here are some examples:

– I keep a small container on my table for small paper scraps that cannot be reused in their current form.  At the end of a project I dump the container into a bag of scraps to be recycled into new paper!

– I have moved my storage vertical! I hung a former bathroom shelf to hold my ribbon spools; I use pants hangers to keep my complete cards off my table but ready to be wrapped and sent at a moment’s notice; a shelf addition to my desk gives me an extra layer of storage space to keep multiple plastic containes.

– The clear reusable shoe boxes are my friends! I use the clear boxes all over my studio, each contains a specific set of items such as: cutting tools, adhesion tools, embellishments, stamps, and Cricut cartridges.

– My last secret…I’m actually not sure if it is a recipe book holder or a plate holder, but it doesn’t matter! I believe I bought it for $1 at the local Dollar Tree.  It holds my idea book (a book where I write down directions to all my cards so I can recreate them). It’s a great little stand where I can have the book stay open so I can read the instructions, or it holds the book when it is closed.

What helps you stay creative? I would love to hear it! Thanks for reading.

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