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Around the House is a new series for the BeaOriginal blog. I will be taking items from around the house and incorporating them into my cards. Ideally, you would either not traditionally consider using these items when card making, or you would not think of using them this way.

For the first installment, my ‘Around the House’ resource is an old dictionary. My mom was cleaning out her house and had a box of old books to be taken to the goodwill. I had a quick gander and saw this old dictionary with the cover ripped off. Most likely a dictionary that one of us kids used for school. Now, I am not reinventing the wheel, I’ve seen cards with dictionary entries on them, as well as dictionary pages used. I grabbed the dictionary and headed to my studio.

My final decision was to use the dictionary pages as part of a homemade embellishment. I am all for homemade embellishments, it truly makes the card one-of-a-kind which is always my goal. Now here’s a secret…all of the buttons that I use for my cards, I buy at the local Salvation Army store! They always have a big container full of buttons that they sell for literally a penny each! Every so often I wander down and grab a hundred buttons for a dollar! You can also use extra buttons from clothing (if you’re sure you won’t need them), or buttons that have fallen off! The final ingredients to my embellishments are leftover cardstock and silk ribbon scraps.

These embellishments are super simple, but combined with the card theme, create a truly one-of-a-kind card. I simple cut the dictionary pages slightly smaller than the cardstock and rounded two of the corners. I thread the silk ribbon through the buttons and knotted it on top. And finally put the piece all together. Voila! Unique embellishments for my card, make from supplies at home!

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