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Around the House – 1.0 Dictionary

Around the House is a new series for the BeaOriginal blog. I will be taking items from around the house and incorporating them into my cards. Ideally, you would either not traditionally consider using these items when card making, or you would not think of using them this way. For the first installment, my ‘Around […]

My Etsy on Facebook!

Well Etsy has once again proven itself to be a viable store host for BeaOriginal with a new feature that we are thrilled about.  Fans no longer need to navigate away from Facebook to our Etsy store, it is now a tab on our Facebook fan page! The Etsy application allows fans to log onto […]

Facebook discussions take form.

I recently started utilizing the Facebook discussions feature on the BeaOriginal fan page. I launched two discussions to get the ball rolling. The first asks for people to share their favorite color schemes, the other asks for fans to share their favorite holiday/occasion to send a card. After reading through the responses, I decided to […]

Clear space…creative mind.

I’ll just go ahead and say it…I’m a neat freak. I always have been.  My studio is no exception, however, the task of keeping it neat is quite the challenge.  The problem is not that I can’t find a tool or that I don’t have enough space when my work table is messy.  The problem […]

Expanding our horizons!

If you have followed my blog, you know that I have a passion for learning new craft techniques! I have been crocheting for a few years now, but I pretty much stick with scarves. The next step I had in mind was making beanies. Now I have attempted beanies before using my limited crochet knowledge, […]

Let it Burn!

As promised I wanted to write a post or two regarding some of the homemade Christmas gifts I created for my family this year. I used our homemade gift ‘situation’ as an opportunity to learn a few new techniques and utilize them for my gifts! One of my favorite techniques I learned was wood-burning. I […]

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