Santa’s Workshop

So it is not only Santa whose workshop is buzzing these days. My Christmas presents and winter crafts have kept my mind creatively preoccupied, leaving nearly no time for my card making. Excuses…excuses I know. According to Guy Vaynerchuk of Crush It! I should be staying up until 3am to get all of my BeaOriginal work done. With the holiday season busy at work, homemade Christmas, and holiday events to attend BeaOriginal is suffering…somewhat.

I did manage to fit in a meeting last week with my website administrators from K. Walling Design to discuss some upgrades for my site that include a new product line and an update to my gallery. I am also slowly but surely uploading new cards to my Etsy store. And I did send out a shipment of ordered cards this week.

The winter season brings with it a whole different creative hobby of mine that I absolutely love. About  five years ago I attended a church function where we were taught how to crochet by Katie Book-Drake of Harper Hat Co. Every winter since then, I have spent hours and hours crocheting scarves for family, friends, my family’s friends, my friend’s families, and my co-workers.

This winter season is no different. I have made about six already this season with a few more to go. As the low in Chico tonight is 24 degrees, the weather is almost requiring a scarf for every outfit, and I am happy to oblige. Color, texture, width, length I can do it all.  I’ve included a photo of a scarf that I completed last year using pink fun fur and a basic black yarn. This year I’ve really enjoyed using some organic cottons and recycled wools.


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