Finding creativity in any situation!

Whether it be part of my DNA or not, I have an unfailing want and need to find a way to express my creativity in every situation that I can. My latest opportunity came in the form of a baby shower. A good family friend is due in February, and my sister-in-law threw her a baby shower. The invitations, banner, and game pieces were not enough for me. There was one more opportunity to inject my creative spirit…the gift!

You’ve seen them around…but have you ever tried to make a diaper cake yourself? It’s really easy! And of course you can use your papercraft tools to make it even simpler! We used a pack of 60 count newborn diapers, the cardboard center of a paper towel rowl, two receiving blankets, ribbon, cake topper.

For the bottom tier, I wound one receiving blanket around the bottom of the paper towel center. Then I placed a large rubberband around the blanket, and began to place rolled up diapers around the blanket. Two rounds of diapers on the bottom layer, and one on the middle layer should suffice. For the top layer, no receiving blanket was used in the center. Wrap some ribbon around the layers to cover the rubberband, and top off the cake with whatever you like! I used some travel baby cosmetics, but you could easily cut out a letter using your Cricut, or design a cake top with brads, eyelets, or any other favorite scrapbook accent!

Here’s the final product!

I placed the extra diapers in the extra receiving blanket and garnished with matching ribbon for the cake!

Please comment and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading!

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    Woah! This is awesome. I have never tried to do this before… but I like the idea of “finding creativity in any situation.” My scenario of this was when I was baking some peanut butter cookies for a group I’m part of. I thought I was doing everything right, but at the end, I guess I did something wrong. The cookies were flat, and very soft. They had flattened out so much that they had mixed with other cookies on the cookie sheet.

    Fear not! What did I do? I found creativity in my situation. I took the gushy flat peanut butter cookies and rolled them into balls… sprinkled some powered sugar on them, and voila! They were a big hit.

    “Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out.” John Wooden

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