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Birthday Card

I made this birthday card for my boss from all the gal’s at work. I thought I would hop on and share it with everyone. I used my Cricut Expression for the cake shapes, my Cuttlebug for the design on the cake, and a good old fashion hole punch for the red circles. What do […]

Presentation makes perfect!

As I prepared my cards for shipment to their respective buyers today (thanks by the way!), I decided I needed a new way to package the cards. Those who buy my products most often send them to other people, who ultimately experience the joy and excitement- the ultimate goal of my creations. However, in this […]

I’m here for the party!

Or more specifically, I am here to help decorate for your party! I have been thinking lately of all the crafting that I enjoy doing, and how I can expand my business to include some of those ideas. I have settled on one addition for now, more to come later. My decision is to begin […]

Thank you.

Two simple words that are so important and extremely prominent during this time of year. No, we should not need a holiday to share our thanks. Yes, it reminds us. In the spirit of the season, I wanted one of my thank you cards.  I love the different take on the tree on this card, […]

Art imitating life.

“Paradoxically though it may seem, it is none the less true that life imitates art far more than art imitates life” – Oscar Wild Well Oscar that may be true, but in my blog today I would say the reverse is true. When I create my art, my cards and papercrafts, it most definitely imitates […]

To upgrade or not to upgrade that is the question.

Chances are a few of you out there have a big decision on your hands. Do I upgrade to the Cricut Expression? or stick with my little bug? I too faced this decision not too long ago. Yes the original Cricut and the Create are good little bugs, light, portable, extremely functional. But I’m willing […]

The ultimate Christmas card for the ultimate cause.

Today my mom asked me to make a card that I was overly and abundantly willing to make. My mom had received an email from a friend that told the story of Noah. Noah is a five year old boy with stage four cancer. Due to the uncertainty of his condition, Noah’s family has decided […]

Christmas time is here…almost!

Today I had grand plans to design notecards sets and investigate a new product line for BeaOriginal (which is going to be awesome when I get around to it, so look out for it!). I walked into my craft room only to see a recent Michaels Arts and Crafts purchase lying on my table: Christmas […]

Raise a beer to crafting!

As my brother Kyle popped the top to his Fat Tire beer can, the light went off. I recently ran across a blog focusing on tin imprinting. The look of imprinted tin is such a classic, attractive look. I began to think of ways to create a similar look with a more pliable, inexpensive material. […]

Motherly Inspiration

My mother will always be the first person to tell you that she is not creative. And I have to agree, but not whole-heartedly. You see my mom has started a whole bunch of clever, inspiring and creative family traditions. So she may not be able to make a card for my birthday, or paint […]

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