Give the Gift of GREEN!

To go green, an individual makes a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint on Earth. Some choose to go green on a small scale by taking reusable bags to the grocery store, drinking out of a stainless steel water bottle, or riding their bike to work. Others take it to the extreme by adding solar panels to their home and going “off the grid.” There is no doubt someone in your life who has yet to grasp this wonderful concept, so why not give the gift of green?

There are endless possibilities when you decide to give someone the gift of green. First is the content of the gift. Some businesses offer products to help with such a gift. offers a Go Green Starter Kit which comes with a 27 oz. Greenfeet Klean Kanteen made of stainless steel, and two Chico Bags (reusable shopping bags) for $19.95. Or put together your own Go Green Kit with items purchased locally to you or the person receiving your gift; example: some linen napkins found at a local boutique.

Another opportunity exists in the gift wrapping of your gift; here is an opportunity to get really creative. Try using a reusable bag as the gift bag! A little newspaper at the bottom of the bag will give the illusion of a full bag and provide structure. Have extra fabric lying around? Wrap your gift box in extra fabric! Tie the fabric in a knot on top, and garnish with a branch with berries from your yard. Top the gift off with a card made of recycled papers (coming soon from BeaOriginal) and you will successfully give the Gift of Green.

Good luck!

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