If you can’t find it, make it!

Looking at my cards and creations, one accent frequently used is ribbon. As is the case with most crafters.  Purchasing ribbon, like all other crafting tools, can really add up.  There are millions of ribbons out there, ribbons for baby announcements, wedding invitations, shower invitations, you name it, and it is probably out there lining the shelves of Michaels Arts and Crafts.  One problem arises (at least for me) from this notion, once I use the ribbon for the card I had in mind, I often struggle with finding another use for it.

A good family friend of ours recently found out she is pregnant.  I wanted to make her and her husband a card of congratulations so I went to the craft table.  The problem: I wanted to create a sophisticated card with a baby theme.   I had no baby ribbon on hand and no intention of running to the store to buy five yards of a ribbon I will use five inches of.  The wheels inside my mind began to turn.

Why not use the event-neutral ribbon that I did have and enhance it to yield a sophisticated baby ribbon.  I found a ribbon in my stash, light green with small white polka dots.  The gender of the baby is unknown at this point, so I went with a green color scheme to stay neutral.  I found a rubber stamp (found in the $1 bin at Michaels Arts and Crafts) of a very simple baby’s bottle.  I stamped the ribbon with black ink, alternating which direction the bottle was facing.

The result was exactly what I searched for, a sophisticated baby ribbon.  The intriguing part of this concept is that one now has the ability to create ribbon that matches exactly to the theme of the card, invitation, or event.  The possibilities extend beyond as well!  Customized ribbons can be expensive, however a customized stamp (from Office Depot or equivalent) is relatively inexpensive when you consider the size that would be required.  Order a stamp for your event, stamp some inexpensive ribbon and you have a customized touch in an inexpensive fashion.

Just another example, that if you can’t find what you’re looking for, make it!

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