Who We Are

BeaOriginal has a passion for two things: people and papercrafts. We provide people with papercrafts that enhance the special events in their lives. By working directly with you, our papercraft products extend beyond the words to capture the essence of each individual event. The excitement and possibilities of a new project fuels our creative fire.

Brianna Walling, Founder and Designer
Brianna has been actively working in the papercrafts field for seven years, but her creative spirit emerged far beyond that. At a young age Brianna began experimenting with rubber stamps and created greeting cards for her friends and family.

Now twenty-two years of age, she is a recent graduate of Cal State Fullerton where she studied Business Entrepreneurship. It was at school that she began to develop the idea of BeaOriginal with her fellow classmates, and now she is working to see that idea come to life. Brianna has a love of learning new trends, techniques, and designs.

Brianna currently resides in Chico, California where she lives with her family. When the creative wheels are not turning, she enjoys reading, attending concerts, and dappling in home improvement projects.