How We Work

With you! We work with you! Too often people are forced to use a generic product, which often lacks the sentimental value one may wish to express. Whether it be formality, status, importance, or care, the unmistakable tone conveyed through BeaOriginal products is tailored to you. BeaOriginal specializes in the 'beyond the words' of our products. The specialization, uniqueness, handmade care put into each card emphasizes the level of importance for the event it represents.

We encourage you to be original, and together we can be original. Our designers are constantly challenging traditional designs by exploring new ways to use materials. Those who wish to have creative input but lack creative ability, now see their visions come to life. At BeaOriginal the word 'custom' applies not just to color and content, but concept and creation as well.

Our Creative Process

Once you have chosen BeaOriginal for your papercrafts needs, the creation process begins! A member of the BeaOriginal team will arrange for a first time meeting. Whether this meeting be online, on the phone, or over a video chat we will arrange to meet your comfort level. For those of you living in the local area, we can also arrange for a face-to-face meeting.

The initial meeting serves the purpose to assess your vision and your needs. This step is crucial is reaching the ultimate goal of BeaOriginal, which is to create a product that matches your vision. Once the information has been gathered, a designer will work to turn the vision into a reality. BeaOriginal will create several prototypes of products, each unique, yet all reflecting the information obtained at the initial meeting.

With the prototypes completed, you now have the opportunity to evaluate and make any changes you deem fit. Our designs are open to any level of change necessary to find the one-of-a-kind product that you are looking for. With all changes made, the final design will go into production, and arrive at your doorstep at the earliest possible moment.

Due to the nature of our creation process, it is crucial for you to reach us early on the planning of your event. Additional costs may be incurred due to a rushed timeline. Time allows you and BeaOriginal to work together and create a product perfect in every way for your special day.